Friday, March 2, 2012

Deviant Friday - M Breitweiser Edition

Breitweiser brings a classic style to super heroes that is not derivative, or if it is derivative draws on many different illustrators and draftsmen. He is also one of those modern artists who don't feel driven to "modernize" or, God forbid, "re-imagine*", old characters (i.e. introduce needless details or ape the fad of the moment). He takes them at face value and makes them work. Enjoy!

* If you would like my thoughts regarding "re-imagining" let me know. They aren't kind and I generally try to keep Nod a friendly place on the internet.


  1. Mitch is a nice guy who is very accessible and kind to fans. His wife is an amazing colorist as well, every bit as talented as he and they are both great friends to the comics community in Little Rock.

    1. Always nice to hear that someone you admire for what they do is also someone to admire for who they are.


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