Friday, January 10, 2014

NOD Companion Update - I MESSED UP!

I've just been notified that there is a problem with the hard cover of The NOD Companion, and I'm proud to say it's totally my fault. (CRUD!)

To punish myself, I have a Jerry Lewis movie on right now - but that isn't going to cut muster!

So - I'm going to get the file fixed tomorrow. If you have already purchased the hard cover and sent me your receipt, I'm going to be sending you a new hard cover, and I'll shoot you an email confirming that I've done it tomorrow. If you don't get an email from me, let me know that I missed you somehow and I will correct the oversight ASAP!

If you've bought the hard cover and haven't sent me an email with your receipt, please do so! For one thing, I'll send you a link to download an electronic copy of the book, and for another, I'll send you a new book that isn't screwed up.

I apologize for the inconvenience folks - I hate screwing up, and by the bristling beard of Odin I swear I will fix it!

So - book screwed up - I'll send you an un-screwed up copy - sorry for the inconvenience. I think that just about covers it.


  1. Maybe you could talk to Green Ronin and they'd to the same with their latest edition of A Song of Ice and Fire!

    Sad to hear cos it is all money down for no ones benefit (but Lulu's I guess)

    1. Well, my error so I have to eat it - that's life! No big deal.

  2. Hey John, no worries about getting me a different book. I like the off cover and the inside guts are fine. Just so you know, I didn't buy it for the cover ;)

  3. I agree with Tim. So long as the interior print is good, I'm good! The "off" cover is kind of cool and quirky... maybe it will be a hot collector's item in the future!

  4. For those who don't need the second copy - I have a plan. If you want, donate it to a used book shop. Just slip a note in it with the web address of this blog - might be a neat way to spread the word about the game to folks who might otherwise never hear of it.


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