Friday, April 11, 2014

Beneath the Dungeon of the Apes [Map]

The upcoming NOD 23 will have the continuation (and finale) of the Dungeon of the Apes adventure in NOD 22. I thought folks might appreciate a map preview, even if they didn't plan on playing the Dungeon of the Apes. This one features acidic water, teleporters, wish goo and an atomic bomb. Enjoy!


  1. Great map! if you don't mind, I might borrow it...
    By the way, what software did you use to create it?

    1. The greatest non-graphics graphics program there is - Microsoft Excel! If you search around the blog archives, I did a post at one point about using Excel to make these maps.

  2. Awesome map!
    Looking forward to the rest of the dungeon!


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