Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nodian Grimoire - Four New Spells

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I don't invent all that many new spells - there are already so many of them, and I find that new ones often go unprepared because they're a bit too niche - in other words, players don't know what's coming, so they tend to prepare the most tried and true spells for their clerics and magic-users.

That being said, a few ideas recently popped into my head, so I figured I would write them up.


Level: Cleric 8
Range: Immediate area
Duration: 1 hour

This spell works much as animate object, except that it animates an entire room as a single monster. The room has the statistics of a huge animated object, and can use the objects within it as weapons to attack.


Level: Cleric 6
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 minute

The cleric takes on the physical form of his or her patron deity for one minute. Their equipment might change its form, but not its properties, magical or mundane (i.e. chainmail may look like +3 platemail, but it still acts like normal chainmail). Followers and enemies of the god or goddess must pass a Will saving throw or be stunned. This state lasts until the "deity" is hit in combat and damaged, or the "deity" or any of the "deity's" allies attack the stunned creatures.

In addition to looking like their deity, the cleric gains the following special abilities: Suffer half damage from non-magical weapons and attacks, enjoys 5% spell resistance, and gains one special attack associated with their deity. This special attack should be no more powerful than a 3rd level spell, and can be used once.


Level: Magic-User 6
Range: Personal
Duration: 24 hours

By casting this spell, a magic-user declares a trigger spell, and the spell that will be triggered when that spell is cast in the magic-user's presence, but not by the magic-user herself. Once this spell is cast, the effect lasts for 24 hours. If during that time any creature casts the trigger spell (hereafter known as the triggerer), instead of the trigger spell's effect, a different spell is cast, with quid pro quo's caster as the origin of the spell and the triggerer as the target (if applicable).


Level: Magic-User 3
Area: One 3-ft. x 3-ft. x 3-ft. cube per level (max 30-ft. cube)
Duration: 1 minute

You rob the air within the area of effect of oxygen. You can move the area of effect while the spell lasts by concentrating on it - this concentration precludes other actions. Creatures within the thin air that engage in strenuous activity (running, climbing, fighting, etc.) must pass a Fortitude saving throw each round or become fatigued. A fatigued creature must continue to attempt Fortitude saving throws to avoid becoming dazed. Dazes creatures must continue to attempt Fortitude saving throws to avoid becoming unconscious. This unconscious state lasts for as long as the creature remains in the thin air, and 1d6 rounds thereafter.


  1. Cool. How many rounds in a B&T minute? Must be more than one, otherwise godly visage and thin air are too weak (also, 5% magic resistance seems...a token. Too little to have a real effect).


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