Thursday, March 12, 2015

My First Crush

The first AF issue I ever bought, at a 7-Eleven
Sometimes, you discover your own history in strange ways - things you forgot you knew or did until something jogs your memory. Recently, my family and I spent some time in Boulder City checking out antique stores. Boulder City is not far away from Las Vegas, and is the anti-Vegas in many ways. The locals are anti-development, and thus B.C. has a small town atmosphere.

One of these aforementioned antique stores had a few shelves stacked with old comic books, and they were cheap so I was bound to buy a few. I started digging in and found a bunch of old Kamandis, Ka-Zars, Battlestar Gallacticas, John Carter Warlord of Mars, Shogun Warriors ... groovy stuff from the '70s and '80s. I grabbed quite a few of those titles, and I also grabbed a couple old Alpha Flights.

When I first got into comic books in the '80s (after playing TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG, because I always get into things ass-backwards), the first two titles I grabbed onto were West Coast Avengers and Alpha Flight. So, I'm reading Alpha Flight #12, wherein Guardian dies a horrible fiery death, and it suddenly hits me ... Heather Hudson (later to be Guardian and then Vindicator) was my first comic book crush (with Mockingbird a close second).

[Quick aside - I was thinking about that era in comic books, when I first started collecting them, and something struck me. The West Coast Avengers were led by Mockingbird, the Avengers by Captain Marvel (this lady), the X-Men by Storm (in her cool costume), and Alpha Flight by Vindicator. Four women leading super hero teams at the House of Ideas, and two of them black women. Has that happened since?]

So, Nodians - who was your first comic book crush?

(And keep it clean ... there may be children present).

Non-over-sexualized women are sexier. Or is that just me?


  1. Although I read comics sporadically growing up (we mostly got black-and-white reprints in the UK, although I remember some newsagents would have a whole wall of American four-colour beauties) , the first title that really got me hooked in a serious collector was the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans. I found a stack in a book exchange, which I snapped up, read and then caught up to the on-going series at the time.

    And this is where my first, and possibly only, comic book crush comics in: Terra aka Tara Markov, the traitor at the heart of the Titans, manipulated by Deathstroke. It wasn't just the cute Perez artwork, but the way Marv Wolfman wrote her. I was very upset when she died. Probably the most upset a comic book storyline has ever gotten me.

  2. I was big into comics in the 70s, but I only read horror comics.

    About the only notable woman there was Dr. Medusa from Weird War Tales...

  3. I think we started collecting Marvel at exactly the same time. The first issue* I ever bought was New Mutants #41. $.75, July, 25th Anniversary. :)

    I've got to say, it was a 3-way tie between Dani Moonstar, Illyana Rasputin, and Rahne Sinclair. Nowadays I'd go with Dani, but I think Rahne had a slight edge then. :)

    *I have vague memories of having bought Superman and a few other comics, but New Mutants led me to X-Men, and...I'm still buying.

  4. Belit! It was love at first sight the moment I saw her in Conan #93, acquired from a junk shop in Oklahoma on a family road trip. I also didn't start reading superhero comics until after playing the Marvel Super Heroes RPG, but that is where I discovered the be-mohawked Storm and fell in love the second time.

    1. Be-mohawked Storm was great. I'm almost always the guy who loves to see a return to the old, but I really preferred '80s Wolverine, Storm and Shadowcat to the later stuff. A bit more character to those costumes, I thought.


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