Monday, December 7, 2015

Mystery Men - Out of the Shadows

Two years ago to this day, I announced that Fat Goblin Games was going to produce a revised version of Mystery Men!, with new art, new layout, etc. To that end, I pulled the existing version off the digital shelves.

Well, 730 days later, the revised Mystery Men! did not materialize. I took a stab at a collaboration, and in this case it didn't work out. Chalk it up to earned experience (without a 10% XP bonus because of my low Wisdom score).

Fortunately, my contract with those folks is over, and Mystery Men! is back. I have re-instated the original MM!, digital and print, to my spotlight on As before, the PDF is free, the print version costs $7.99.

You might want to hold off on buying the print version, though, because the next step is the official, long-awaited revision of the game, which will be released in early 2016. I need to get GRIT & VIGOR on sale first, partially because I just need to get it done, and partially because I want to make sure MM! and G&V are generally compatible. Once it is out, I will tweak the revised text I wrote two years ago, work on the layout, and get that sucker up for sale. I'm hoping for January release.

2016 is going to be my year of revisions. Mystery Men! will probably be first. Blood & Treasure will follow, with new covers I commissioned, as well as Pars Fortuna (I was going to make it Blood & Treasure-compatible, but I might make it Bloody Basic compatible, since those games have a similar vibe) and Space Princess (aiming at G&V compatibility for that one as well). In the meantime, I'll keep publishing NOD and Quick & Easy games, and I'll begin working on combining old issues of NOD into full-blown hex crawl adventures in their own right, and pulling those old mags off the market to let them become collectors items. I'm also in talks with a friend to design a nice, new Land of Nod website. Should be fun.

So keep your eyes peeled, folks, the mystery men are on their way!


  1. Glad you got it back! We all make mistakes, but it's back in the possession of its proper owner

  2. Very pleased to have been able to pick this up in PDF format. Thanks!

  3. Will the content of the Nod Magazines that are taken off the market end up in some other product? You mentioned the hex crawls, but will the other articles end up in something else?

  4. Articles that relate to the hex crawls will end up there. Other articles probably will not, though they might appear in collections at a later date.

    1. I missed the bit about Nod first time I read this. Guess I gotta hurry up and get the early issues in print. I was working my way backwards...

    2. God knows I won't me moving all that fast, so there's plenty of time to round out the collection ... and if it came down to it and I took them down before you were done, I'm sure I could help you out.

  5. Would you like some proofreading assistance with Mystery Men II?

    I'm always happy to help you, John.


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