Sunday, June 4, 2017

Teleporting With Style

Teleport and teleport without error are old spells, and in the old school they leave the look and feel up to the imagination. Here are a few ideas on what teleportation might look like ...

1. You appear line by line, like being printed by a dot matrix printer in the 1980s

2. Appear as free-floating fetus and age into current form

3. Appear as skeleton and grow muscle, tendons etc until fully formed

4. Coughed out of the 4th dimension like a hairball

5. Appear in blink of eye, but all people in area have to pause briefly and then move slightly when you appear, as though on an old TV show

6. Trapdoor opens in sky and you fall out

7. Beam in like Star Trek - lots of noise and sparkles

8. Appear in puff of smoke with a musical fanfare

     Level 9-12 – a fanfare of kazoos
     Level 13-16 – a fanfare from a Casio keyboard
     Level 17+ – a fanfare of trumpets

9. Hole appears and you crawl through it

10. Door of light (or shadow) slides open (like automatic door) and you step through

11. Miniature volcano grows from ground and you erupt out of it

12. Swirling cloud forms in your shape and then gradually becomes solidified until it’s you

13. Lightning strikes ground and leaves you when the dust clears

14. Your form is poured like silvery, bubbly liquid that falls from the sky – you emit a small burp when you finish forming due to the ethereal carbonation in your system

15. Space shatters like a mirror, revealing you

16. Velvet curtains held aloft by cherubs parts to reveal you in all your glory

17. A giant hand descends from the sky with a paint brush and paints you into existence

18. You appear as a wavering hologram that slowly becomes real to the peal of invisible gongs

19. Your hand appears holding a wand, and slowly rises from the ground revealing you (and of course ending on your arm extended above your head

20. Purple smoke seeps up from the ground and you appear, genie-like (or Jeanie-like, if I’m being honest)


  1. Yeah! a lot of spells can be like this I think. These are wonderful, really wonderful.

  2. Neat.

    One my favorite, subtle teleportation effects was the Starfleet Transporters of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Saavik and Kirk are having a conversation on the Transporter pads, and then they are beamed, but continue their conversation uninterrupted.

    It's not flashy, or pronounced, but it shows a major improvement in transporter technology in the setting.

  3. Hey John, may I include this in my Roleplaying Tips newsletter with link back?


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