Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Antiquarian - Thumbnail Class Sketch

When I forget my phone at home, I usually spend lunch writing in a little notebook rather than reading. Today I had a few ideas for a class, which I present before in "thumbnail sketch" format, rather than fully realized.

This fellow will probably find his way into Esoterica Exhumed in a more fleshed-out form.

The Antiquarian ...

- Rolls d4 for hit points

- Fights and saves like a magic-user

- Can read obscure languages

- Collects dusty tomes, books, scrolls - carries them on his back, so he's hunched over - provides protection from back stabs

- Can call up the ghosts of the past to help him (knowledge, fighting, etc. - "Julius Caesar, I choose you") - I figure this will work a little like an illusionist's shadow conjuration spells

- Legend lore, as a bard (or more so)

- Use magic scrolls to cast spells; can always identify potions and scrolls

- Can recall ways to fight monsters ("Egad, I nearly forgot that ogres are allergic to dust mites") - while fighting a monster, but only if the group doesn't have what they need - they can use the method in future fights, though, and get a +1 to hit the monster

- Has bad eyesight from all the reading - easier to surprise

- Resistance to magic - 3% per level to divination, enchantment and illusion; 1% per level to necromancy, transmutation, etc.


  1. I would definitely play this class! I love all of the little details you've considered, like the backstab thing and the eyesight thing.

  2. Thanks. My methodology is to come up with something that seems to have a place in the game, even if it's a small thing, come up with a few reasonable abilities - no brainers - and then try to think of one or two surprises to make it interesting.


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