Friday, March 16, 2012

Bionic Warriors and Space Hippies [Space Princess]

It could take up to 6 million quatloos to get a body like this!
Two new classes for the wonderful worlds of Space Princess

Bionic warriors are usually space warriors or astronauts who have been rebuilt due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. They are strong and quick, and come with their own built-in super science. Some hold a grudge against the scientists who built them, while others are glad to use their new-found abilities to help others.

HIT DICE: Bionic warriors roll d10 to determine hit points

REQUIREMENT: STR and DEX of 6 or higher

SKILLS: Bionic warriors can add their SKILL to the following tests: Climb (STR), Leap & Swing (STR) and SWIM (STR)

STARTING GEAR: Bionic warriors start with a hand weapon, ray gun and snazzy jumpsuit

Level Hit Dice Skill Luck
Robo-Man/Woman 3 3 2
Cyber-Man/Woman 5 6 1
Bionic Man/Woman 8 10 0

Bionic warriors have three random bionic implants in their bodies. These implants can be disabled with other super science devices (electro-scramblers, EMPs, etc.).

1. Bionic brain (ie. mento-helmet)
2. Bionic calves (leaps as though had a SKILL of 12)
3. Bionic claws (retractable claws allow an additional claw attack for 1d4 points of damage)
4-6. Bionic ears (can listen at doors as though the bionic warrior had a SKILL of 12)
7-9. Bionic eyes (i.e. night goggles)
10. Bionic feet (i.e. gravity boots)
11. Bionic finger (finger acts as a basic ray gun with 3 shots per day and can be used to disable devices as though the bionic warrior had a SKILL of 10)
12-13. Bionic fists (fists are as potent as laser swords)
14. Bionic jaw (gains additional bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage)
15. Bionic lungs (immune to toxic, narcotic and poisonous fumes and gases and can hold breath for 10 minutes)
16-17. Bionic nose (i.e. locator)
18. Bionic skeleton (i.e. exoskeleton)
19. Bionic skin (i.e. body armor)
20. Bionic thighs (increases movement from slow to normal, normal to fast or fast to very fast)

Space hippies travel the star-ways, spreading their message of enlightenment. Space hippies are adventurous sorts. Some are rugged individualists, while others are just posers looking for a handout and their next smoke of Venusian red, but all space hippies cast disdain upon the “Herberts” – authority figures who don’t share their beliefs.

HIT DICE: Space hippies roll d6 to determine hit points

REQUIREMENT: MEN of 4 or higher

SKILLS: Space hippies can add their SKILL to the following tests: Identify substance (KNO), calm situation (MEN), hide (DEX), move silently (DEX), charm strangers (MEN), play instrument (MEN)

STARTING GEAR: Space hippies start with a musical instrument the clothes on their backs – they disdain weapons, but will fight to defend themselves from the Herberts (and space monsters) using their feet and fists. Space hippies aren’t looking for trouble, but they can handle what they find.

Level Hit Dice Skill Luck
2 4 3
Star Child 5 8 1
Groovy Guru 7 12 0

Space hippies are capable of evoking emotional states with their music. This requires a play instrument test, with the following difficulties and effects:

PEACE, BROTHER (DC 15): This music calms hostile creatures. All who hear it cease fighting and can only begin fighting again after one round, and even then they must pass a MEN test (DC 15) to begin fighting. A combatant who is attacked can always choose to defend themselves.

THE BLUES (DC 15): All whom the space hippy targets must pass a MEN test or become very, very glum, suffering a -2 penalty to all tests and attacks.

RIGHT ON! (DC 10): All whom the space hippy targets are filled with righteous energy and enjoy a +2 bonus to all tests, but not to attacks.

KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON (DC 10): All who hear this that are under the effect of some mental effect can make a new test at +2 to shake it off.

SPACE TRUCKIN’ (DC 15): Pilots who hear this music enjoy a +1 bonus on all pilot tests.

AQUARIUS RISING (DC 25): All whom the space hippy targets with this masterful song can spend one free luck point on any test or attack they make while the effect lasts. This can only be done once per adventure.

PROTEST (DC 20): This protest song has the ability to counter any sonic ability or attack (including damage-dealing harmonics) used by an opponent.

Animals and simple beasts suffer a -2 penalty to tests against these effects, while militant aliens enjoy a +1 bonus. The effect lasts as long as the space hippy plays their music +1d4 rounds.


  1. i was in a band in junior high called Space Hippy for a day, the day me & the other guy made the tape. it was awesome. i need to use this. thank you, kind sir.

  2. I reach, brother! (nice work!)

  3. I doubt I'd ever find a group to play Space Princess with me, but if I did, I would be playing a Space Hippy.

  4. Dirty Space Hippies! Get a Space Job!

  5. I'm contemplating doing a Space Princess mega-fortress (The Catacombs of Mars) on Google + at some point. Too many things on my plate right now - but maybe one of these days.

  6. Bionic Warriors! Awesome concept and quite cool execution. I wonder what would happen if allowed players to pick their bionic ehancements instead of rolling for them.

    1. You could do that, but you'll need to reconfigure the list, as some of these enhancements are more powerful than others. Maybe something like one from column A and two from column B.

  7. Thanks for responding. I think I will do just that. If I ever play Space Princess I will include the Bionic Warrior for 120%. I just like the idea I guess.

  8. I was re-reading your posts regarding Space Princess when I found this: the tier-1 Bionic Warrior (Robo-Man) has only 2 Luck points - this is a typo, isn't it?

    1. No, different classes get different luck point distributions. I thought they were powerful enough that they only got 2 luck points at low level. You could always give them another luck point at 1st level if you wanted to.

      Besides, they probably spent that luck point to survive the horrible accident that led to them become bionic in the first place :)

    2. Oh, okay. I thought it otherwise because all the core classes get 3-1-0 Luck points; your reasoning, however, is completely valid.

      Thanks for answering :)


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