Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bring Some Love to Your Dungeon - The Puttis

Dungeons - dank and damp and deadly - killing the spawn that chaos belches into the inner recesses of the earth - retrieving all manner of treasures, sacred and profane - falling deeply in love with a minotaur and betraying your friends on its behalf ... wait, what?


Small Outsider, Neutral (CN), High Intelligence; Flutter (1d6)

HD: 3
AC: 16 [+1]
ATK: 1 arrow (1d4 or see below)
MV: 20 (Fly 40)
SV: F12 R11 W10
XP: 300 (CL 4)

Putti are mischevious little bastards, spawn of the gods and goddesses of love, who haunt dungeons looking for opportunities to spread love and trouble. They appear as plump humanoid infants with pink skin and rosy cheeks and small white wings (clearly too small to allow them to fly, yet fly they do).

Putti are armed with short bows and a quiver of 10 arrows. These arrows can be fired as normal shafts, or they can be used to deliver the putti's spell-like abilities. When used to deliver spells, roll damage (1d4) and apply this as a penalty on the victim's saving throw.

Spells: 3/day - Calm emotions, charm person, clairaudience/clairvoyance, confusion, light, rage, suggestion; 1/day - Charm monster, command, dimension door, dominate person, dream, ethereal jaunt, irresistible dance.

Special Qualities: Immune to fear, magic resistance (15%)


  1. For a moment, I thought you were talking about putties (or puttees) for your legs/boots...and were starting a series on practical tips for the dungeoneer!

  2. Thank you for introducing such iconic but generally overlooked creatures. And thanks for not calling them a "Cherub", as Cherubim are an entirely different (and a lot less adorable) winged creatures. Great work!


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