Sunday, February 17, 2013

Perpetual Role - A Society to Preserve Pen & Paper Gaming

The good folks at Perpetual Role (well, I assume they're good folks - if it turns out they're using me in some complex plot to take over the world, I beg your forgiveness and indulgence for my ill-considered collaboration) are dedicated to preserving pen & paper role playing games, both of the Old School and the New School.

They're currently running and Indiegogo campaign to fund incorporation for their society as a non-profit, with an aim to holding conventions and, well, I'll quote from their Indiegogo site:

"Perpetual Role is a new society forming to promote the continued interest in pen-and-paper role-playing games and to encourage independent and innovative new games, while honoring the old. This will take many forms, such as encouraging independent creators of unique and original games; supporting the efforts of other small-scale organizations with a gaming bent; preserving the heritage of the hobby and honoring its creators. And we have plans to start a new gaming convention in the next year, with a particular emphasis on indie games of merit and the old school classics so many of us enjoy."
If this sounds laudable to you, go check out the CAMPAIGN or maybe hit their BLOG for more information.

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