Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Stuff in the World of Games

Hey folks - three new notions in the world of gaming you might want to check out. Give 'em a click.

Mischief, Inc.

Mischief, Inc. is a new company looking to produce adventures for the OSR. You can grab a preview of their first adventure, 0A - The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying, and visit forums set up for just about every OSR game in the world, including Blood & Treasure.

Project 2d8

The biggest challenge to gaming these days seems to be hooking up with other gamers. Project 2d8 has been launched on Community Funded to create an online tabletop for RPG's. It looks pretty impressive, so check it out and if you find it a worthwhile project, throw them a few coins. You can also find them on the Book of Faces.

One Hit Die

One Hit Die is a new web series that presents D&D shot in the style of The Office. It stars Phil Burke, from Hell on Wheels. Check it out One Hit Die for more, or look them up on Twitter.

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