Monday, February 27, 2017

Flights of Fancy

The fly spell is a good example of a spell that succinctly (at least in old editions) explains what the spell does, but does not describe what the effect looks like. It's easy enough to assume the flyer looks something like Superman, but how about some other possibilities:

1. Magic-user rides a rainbow, with sparkles descending like a gentle rain on those below

2. Magic-user sprouts golden wings of energy

3. Magic-user sprouts bat wings and leaves a sulfurous smell as he passes by

4. Magic-user rides a small cloud

5. Magic-user sprouts two silver discs from the bottom of his feet and rides them through the sky

6. Bottom of the magic-user's body becomes a whirlwind (no extra effect from the wind) and he flies like a tornado through the sky

7. A bubble of magic energy surrounds the magic-user, who sits in the lotus position within

8. A giant hand descends from the sky and picks the magic-user up, depositing him where he wishes

9. Dozens of magical balloons on strings sprout from the magic-user's hand and lift him into the air

10. The magic-user becomes a flock of sparrows (she retains a general humanoid shape and keeps the same combat statistics as the magic-user if attacked)

That's ten possibilities - anyone care to deposit a few more in the comments?


  1. The MU's staff/wand acts as a flying broomstick.

    A small carpet (more a rug or mat really) appears and the MU sits on it.

    A vicious wind seems to push the MU forward in a barely-controlled rush.

    The MU has to/believes he or she has to vigorously flap (or maybe swim) to stay aloft.

    Flames and/or steam comes out of the MU's feet/robes, and they ride this plume of rocket-power to their destination.

    A giant bird (probably an eagle, but maybe a roc or a huge golden stork or something) appears and grabs the MU, carrying her or him to their destination.

  2. All good ones - but the fact that a propeller beanie didn't occur to me is a personal tragedy.

  3. The magic-user is propelled aloft by helpful air elementals.

    A shimmering carpet, woven from some exotic thread, appears momentarily, bearing the caster to his destination.

    Bat-like or draconic wings burst forth from the casters shoulder-blades!

    Butterfly wings, translucent and moving almost too quickly for the eye to follow, facilitate the casters ebullient ascent.


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