Thursday, April 26, 2012

Changing Mind on B&T Layout ...

So, a couple days ago I showed off some previews of the class advancement table layout for Blood & Treasure. Then last night, my mind started wandering and ... well, what if I did this instead ...

The pro here, for me, is that I get to show off Jon Kaufman's art at the size I had originally intended, plus I throw some class information in for quick reference. I could maybe add on the classes' special abilities with their associated level in brackets as well.

This way, I don't have the full page, classic artwork sitting next to the more modern artwork - so less clutter, and I can use those full page bits elsewhere to better effect. By plucking the individual class artwork out of the text, it also makes the text much cleaner and easier on the eyes.


  1. I like it - looks very clean and easy to read.

    You've got a small typo in the alignment section - looks like it should say "Evil", not "Chaotic."

  2. Yeah, this is an improvement. And to Martin, he puts "Chaotic" if you only want to use 3-alignment system (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) instead of the traditional 9-alignment of later editions.

    1. Whoops! Duh. I shoulda known better since I started with the 3 alignment system. I didn't get that it was an "option" or an "either or" thing. I get it now.

  3. I like it. Clean, clear and easy to access info. Plus the art rules too!

  4. John, if you get the time can you give us another preview of Blood&Treasure? It's been a while. :)


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