Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quantum Rainbow Photon Guns [Space Princess]

Hmmm, a title like "Space Princess Quickie" could bring the wrong kind of traffic.

Anyhow. I just read an article (okay, I read the title) called "Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun Unveiled". Now, besides the fact that I'm using that for my non-existent band's name, it also struck me as a great new weapon for Space Princess.

Image found HERE

Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun (DC 25): The quantum rainbow gun fires a blast of multi-colored energy strands in a 15-ft long, 10-ft wide cone. Creatures with 4 or fewer Hit Dice are knocked unconscious for 2d4 rounds, and then are stunned and blinded for 1d4 rounds. Creatures with 5 to 8 HD are blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds. Creatures with 9 or more hit dice are merely stunned for 1 round. A STR test is allowed to ignore the effects of the blast. The quantum rainbow photon gun has enough power in its battery for 10 blasts.

Great thing about the modern world - I googled "rainbow gun" and found that image in about one second.


Now, making a rainbow gun got me thinking about a rainbow monster of some kind. So, enjoy the Prismal for Space Princess and Blood & Treasure.

PRISMAL: HD 5; DEF 20; FIGHT 11 (fists 1d8); SHOOT 8 (energy blast); MOVE N; STR 6; DEX 3; KNO 2; MEN 7; DL 6; Special: Laser Refraction, Immune to Heat, Cold and Electricity.

Prismals are crystalline beings with a humanoid shape. Their crystal bodies are transparent and translucent and are actual composed of thousands of small crystals bound together with electrical energy. Prismals seem to be born deep underground by an unknown natural process, for they have appeared on many worlds and do not seem intelligent enough to have invented space travel.

Laser Refraction: When struck by a laser or energy attack, the prismal can make a STR test (DC 10). If successful, it absorbs the energy and can fire it the next round from its eyes. If it fails, the blast scores half damage against the prismal and the remainder of the energy is refracted into a rainbow of colors (per the Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun), with each creature within 30 feet (except other prismals) being affected.

Medium elemental, neutral (N), low intelligence; cluster (1d8)

HD: 5
AC: 20 [-1 for S&W]
ATK: 2 slashes (1d8) or energy blast (see below)
MV: 20
SV: Fort 11, Ref 13, Will 14
XP: 500 (CL 6)

As described above. Whenever a prismal is struck by light (from torches, lanterns, spells, etc.) its body gives off a color spray effect that affects all within 10 feet. If struck by any sort of magical ray, the prismal, if it passes a saving throw, can capture the ray in its helix and then fire it at any target (with the same original range and effects) the next round. Even if it does not save against the ray, it takes only half the normal effect of it.

Special Qualities: Immune to cold, fire and electricity.

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