Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey 2012 - Don't Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya

Well, the end of 2012. A pretty good year for me, in terms of publishing, and not too bad otherwise as well. Any year you can walk away from is a good one!

As you're sit around waiting for 2013 to start, feel free to buy NOD 18 - just up for sale on Lulu as a PDF. I'll have the print copy up as soon as I get a proof copy. What's in this issue?

- Cush/Pwenet hexcrawl - eastern half (oh, and map J12 is now up on the Nod page on this blog)

- As the Cleric Turns - alternate turn undead effects for clerics

- Cock of the Walk - variant cockatrices

- Of Nomes and Genomes - new races for Space Princess and Pars Fortuna

- Random Jeweled Thrones - design some fancy places for royals to park their keisters

- Personal Quests - add some storytelling to the dungeon-crawling

- Santas for All - Who brings good little elves, dwarves and halflings presents?

- The Shadow Dancer - a new class for Blood & Treasure

- Making Alignment Count - some schemes on making alignment more than just a word on a character sheet

64 pages, $2.99

Later tonight, I've got a goofy new class for you're game I think you might enjoy.

Also - my sincerest thanks to all you folks who read the blog and spend your coin on my products. I never thought this whole self-publishing thing would work out so well, and I owe its success to the reception you've given it. Hopefully, there will be many more books to come, including the NOD Companion and Action X.

So, let's say goodbye to that old bastard 2012 - have a couple cocktails, chill the champagne and, if you're fortunate, pucker up for that new bastard 2013!

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  1. And thank you, Sir, for publishing all these goodies and posting on this blog (oh, and creating that forum, too).

    Happy New Year!


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