Monday, April 1, 2013

3d6 All the Way Revisited - A Random Excel Generator!

Illustration of leech by Jon Kaufman from the NOD Companion (still in progress)
From the brilliant mind of Arjen Lissenberg, who gave us the excel document to generate random classes with that last hare-brained scheme of mine, comes a new Excel doc to do the same with the 3d6 for everything method.

Download it HERE!

Thanks again to Arjen - I love being able to supply things like this to the wider gaming community!


  1. Where does the formula for generating the classes come from?

    1. Are you referring to the original blog post, or to the forumlas in the Excel spreadsheet?

    2. I meant the Excel spreadsheet. Also, what system is it for?

    3. Looks like virtual lookups and random numbers - mostly beyond me. As for system - any D&D-ish system would do. I wrote it with Blood & Treasure in mind.

    4. Instead of making the class random, you could base it off attributes. For example if INT or WIS is the highest then the character is a spellcaster, DEX or CHA = rogue, STR or CON = warrior.


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