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The Centurion Class - Go Into Battle With Friends!

Wow - been very busy lately. Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but I'm currently trying to finish writing the NOD Companion, Action X, I'm doing some more freelance stuff for Frog God Games (Tome of Horrors IV!) and I'm putting the finishing touches (editing and layout) to Tanner Yea's new supplement for Blood & Treasure, Psionics of Lore. It looks like a winner folks.

That being said, I needed to get something posted this week, so ...


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Fighters might come from many backgrounds, but most adventuring fighters avoid the chaos of the battlefield for the relative simplicity of bashing heads in a dungeon. Centurions, on the other hand, are born and bred for mass combat in the name of king or emperor. They glory in wading into an enemy host with their comrades. When they delve into the lightless depths, they bring friends and know how to make the most of them.


Centurions must have a Strength and Charisma of at least 13. They cannot be Chaotic in alignment

Padded, Leather, Studded Leather, Ring, Scale, Chainmail Shirt, Chainmail; All Shields

Crossbows (All), Dagger, Hand Axe, Javelin, Long Sword, Spear, Short Sword

Bend Bars, Break Down Doors




Centurions can command double the normal henchmen usually permitted by their Charisma scores, provided those henchmen are men-at-arms armed and armored in the same way as the centurion. Men-at-arms under the command of a centurion gain a +1 bonus to attack, to saving throws and to morale checks. The bonus to morale checks increases to +2 at 4th level, and +3 at 8th level.

When in battle, centurions can lock shields with other centurions, fighter-types and their own men-at-arms. This increases the AC of all involved by +2. While locked, the warriors can still attack with spears, but do so at a -1 penalty to hit. The warriors also gain a +2 bonus to save vs. special maneuvers while in a shield wall.

Centurions are trained as sentries, and thus are only surprised on a roll of 1 on 1d8.

A 3rd level centurion can bestow their shield bonus to AC to any ally within 5 feet, and still attack as normal.

A 6th level centurion learns the skills of an engineer in relation to operating siege weapons.

A 9th level centurion (legatus) can built a fort and design a standard to be flown over his fort and over his person when he is engaged in battle. When he does so, he attracts 1d6 men-at-arms per level, 1d6 first level centurions that wish to train with him and make up his personal guard, and a third level centurion to act as his lieutenant. The centurion’s bonus to his men-at-arms extends to all of his new followers when they share the battlefield with him and they can see his standard.

1 Miles
2 Duplicarius
3 Decanus
4 Cornicularius
5 Optio
6 Centurion
7 Praefectus
8 Tribunus
9+ Legatus


  1. Neat. I do love a Warlord-esque class.

  2. It took four years to train a legionnaire
    . .. .
    “They were taught not to cut, but to thrust with their swords. For the Romans not only made jest of those who fought with the edge of their weapons, but also found them an easy conquest, a stroke with the edge, though made with ever so much force, seldom kills, as the vital parts of the body are protected by the bones and the armor. On the contrary, a stab, though it penetrates but two inches, is generally fatal.” Vegetius, Ancient Historian
    .. .
    Roman soldiers attacked in ranks of three;
    The front rank armed with shortswords aimed for your face and throat . ..
    The second rank armed with spears aimed for your axilla and the neurovascular bundle of the arm …
    while the third rank armed with long spears sought the femoral artery in the leg or the inguinal canal ...

  3. Legionnaires were/are badass! Excellent post. I'll have to partner it with one of my own and include a link. Be watching for that in a week.

    In regards to their battle standard: will they have another player (NPC underling perhaps) who carries it for them? Or will it be flown by them personally? (think of the samurai "flags" that rose from their backs)

    I never would have thought to make them their own class. That's why I love it here!


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