Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weird Beard [Mystery Men!]

Professor Bartholomew Vandyke was working on the regeneration of human tissue when he accidentally created a strange, living filament. While working with a large number of these filaments, he discovered to his chagrin that they had a mind of their own. The parasitic filaments attached themselves to his face, something in the manner of a beard. This intrigued Vandyke, as he found he could communicate with the filaments and control them. They could grow, stretch and manipulate objects.

While pleased with his new-found powers, and convinced he had made an important discovery, Professor Vandyke was annoyed at the new nickname his students at Shore City University gave him: Weird Beard. More distressing was the news that he had been denied tenure and that his funding had been cut off, as the university felt he had made no serious progress in his research. Vowing then and there to continue his research, Vandyke took up the mantle of Weird Beard, criminal scientist, and began staging robberies to fund his research. Ultimately, his schemes were foiled by Captain Triumph.

Weird Beard would go on to plague the heroes of Shore City (and beyond) many more time, his research leading him to cloning experiments, the creation of franken-zombies and his infamous hair-animation ray.

LVL 7 | STR 2 | DEX 2 | CON 2 | INT 6 | WIL 4 | CHA 2 | HP 7d8 | DC 10 | ATK +6 | SPD 2 | XP 8,750 (50,000 XP)

POWERS*: Super Intelligence [6]-Add +6 to all Int feats + logic, make whole, understand language, speak language, discern lie

GEAR: Beard Filaments (Freestyle [5]-elasticity; Invulnerability [3]- Add 3 to DC + endure elements, shield other; Beard is DC 15, HP 15)

* Weird Beard uses the new power pack system published in NOD


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