Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Mutants and Masterpieces

If you're into that whole post-apocalyptic gaming thang, or just enjoy seeing the unholy union of mad science and artistic creativity, may I suggest visiting the ArtOrder blog. The blogmeister ran a mutant art contest (not an art contest that was bitten by a radioactive spider, mind you, but a contest to draw the best mutant). My favorite entries - in no particular order were:

Krisztian Balla's humaleon (pictured to the right - and how good would that look as a book cover?!)
Jon Bosco's dragorilla (nice Asian vibe, will definitely find a place in the woodlands of Mu-Pan)
Guido Kuip's bullcroc (reminds me of some of the prehistoric crocodilians - they were quite varied)
Kristina Carroll's zebrulu (brings to mind a couple pieces by Olivia)
Michelle Dickens' ibexora
Storn Cook's bibliophile plant guys
Claudio Pozas' python arachnida (he's been a favorite of mine since my 3E days)
Christopher Burdett's bear-lobster? hybrid
Brent Woodside's Criket Man

Lots of idea fuel for the enterprising Mutant Lords out there.


  1. These are some awesome pics!
    Thanks for posting the links.

  2. I'm a sucker for art - it's a major source of inspiration for me when I'm working on a setting or encounters.

  3. Here I had drifted a bit away from PA stuff and moved more into Sword and Sorcery, now with this art post you've lured me back into the Mutant Lands! ; )

  4. That's one of the things I like about D&D - you can throw a little bit of everything that you like into the pot. Old School D&D is the gumbo of role-playing.

  5. I'm glad you like my mutant chameleon!
    You made my day, John!

  6. Kristztian - I was floored by your entire site - excellent work, fun and moody and the craftsmanship was wonderful.


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