Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Legend of NOD!

Or rather, the legend for the maps of NOD. Long delayed, but here it is ...

I think that covers the bases.


In other news ...

The descriptions of the Hexcrawl Classics I'm writing for Frog God Games are up on their site. The first one is actually Valley of the Hawks. I just saw a sketch of the cover and it looked pretty sweet - I'll share it here when it's finished (and I get permission).

Speaking of sweet art, the illustration of the goddess I submitted to James Maliszewski's Petty Gods project was just posted on his site (and to the right). If it's any indication, the art for this project should be quite nice indeed!

I received the final piece of art for PARS FORTUNA today - I should get the complete rules up on Lulu today or tomorrow. Very excited about that! I'll also be starting a series of blog posts on "The Making of ..." to give you an idea for my process if you want to make a PARS of your own. In fact - maybe I can compile some fan made material for a free companion PDF to PARS FORTUNA.

With PARS out of the way and work proceeding nicely on Hexcrawl and NOD, I'll be able to devote more time to the Mystery Men! rules. Joel should begin working on the illustrations soon, so hopefully I'll have some sketches to show off in the near future.

Got a few ideas for blog posts bopping around in my brain. I'll announce one tomorrow - think dungeon crawl.

Stay tuned!


  1. Cool stuff! I could see these symbols getting mixed up if on a black map line. Also, you might want some kind of symbol for ruins.

  2. Oops. I guess the notable site symbol would work.

  3. Nice,
    Perhaps you can get this key into the Nod PDFs?


  4. It will definitely appear in future volumes of NOD, along with the maps.

  5. That's good except villages look bigger and stand out better visually than towns and cities.


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