Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Musings of the Day

Item One
This ...

... is cool. Eric Canete - check him out, won't you. He'll show up on Deviant Friday sooner or later. Never watched much of the old Gargoyles cartoon, but I can certainly get behind Demona.

Item Two
Are pen and paper games ahead of the curve? Consider - in the case of rules-lite games, you have a slim set of rules to which you can add modules/house rules (i.e. apps) to build the experience you want, as opposed to something like Warcraft, which offers some pretty cool features, but forces everyone into the same experience. Want the ability to fly around on dragons and joust - no problem in Rules-Lite Pen and Paper - heck, somebody probably already wrote some rules for that. Want to do it in Warcraft (and honestly, maybe you already can - I have no idea) - you'll need to ask and they'll need to put it in a list of things to do and then debate on whether this is an idea that will be popular with everyone - oh, and you'll need to have a subscription of some sort. Most rules-lite and rules-lite supplements are either free or very cheap. Maybe pen and paper has a brighter future than we all thought in a world of program-it-yourself entertainment?

Item Three

Random Thoughts Table (Roll D4)

1. Did I remember to extinguish the hearth before I left on this quest?
2. You know, I really like pretzels.
3. Is that idiot seriously going to tap that damn 10-ft pole on every floor tile in this hallway?
4. I should totally stab the thief in the back - he'd never see it coming.

My best friend drew up a random table for one of his characters (Rygar the Last), which included things like accidentally discharging his crossbow. Good times.

Item Four
Anyone want to trade a black and white illo for NOD #6 for a full page ad of their choice in the magazine. I'm writing up the next level of Izrigul's Pleasure Palace (the best - and only - multi-level dungeon ever published in NOD). The whole level was designed as a theater by the demon Izrigul and features two factions at eternal (and pointless) war with one another. The troops on one side are tieflings in the style of Spanish soldiers from the 17th century armed with staffs that shoot rockets/sparks and sabers. The other side is composed of bugbears with snow white hair in the style of the powdered wigs of the time, wielding halberds and hand axes and dressed like 18th century French soldiers. I'd love a pic of one facing off against the other. Think opera/ballet meets D&D. Email me if you're willing and able.

That's all for today - much writing to do ...


  1. I can certainly get behind Demona

    I don't wish to know that. ;)

  2. Easy now, Matthew! ;)

    I think you're right about the versatility of pen and paper rpgs. For this reason, however "niche" they are, I don't think they'll go away...until paper does, and maybe not them, but at that point the differences will be blurred.

  3. friggin loved Gargoyles, what a great show


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