Friday, March 29, 2013

Get Yourself Some NOD 19, Fool!

Yes, true believers (sorry Stan, needed a quick catchphrase)! NOD 19 is now available in digital form, paperback to follow when I see a review copy. What does this time hold? Dig some descriptive text:

"Spring has sprung, and so has NOD 19 (okay, that was lame, but this descriptive text gets tricky after a while). Anyhow - NOD 19 features the first half of the Virgin Woode hex crawl, a bunch of monsters, the puritan class, four new classes for Space Princess, a new race/class for Pars Fortuna and a bunch of other cool junk! 68 pages of excellence!"

There you have it, lads and lasses. Check out some NOD 19 and rock your brain-stem with fantasy goodness for $2.99 (cheap).

Check it out HERE!

And the MAP can be found HERE 

or just look below ...

So far, only the western portion is filled in - the eastern portion will be detailed in NOD 21, while NOD 20 will focus on the colonial city-state of Dweomer Baye.


  1. I downloaded it tonight. Really like it so far. Should there be a map? Are you holding off till next issue? Just curious.

  2. Sorry. Map will appear on this blog. I meant to have already posted it. I used to put them in the issues, but they never made the transition from png to pdf properly, and were hard to read.

  3. Can you release a higher res version of the map? It's kind of difficult to read the numbers on this one.

    1. Yes. I'm going to add map download links to the NOD page. The images that I've uploaded to Blogger are larger than they appear, but used to appear as large as they were - in other words, Blogger changed things up on me without me realizing it. Look for the map downloads to show up in the next few days - I'll just need to dig out the original images and upload them to MediaFire.


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