Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Corner

Thought I'd share a picture of a corner of my study (no, I don't have a man-cave - I'm sick of this trend of making men appear foolish or primitive to boost the fragile egos of modern women - come on ladies, I'd like to think you're better than that).

I don't know if it's geeky enough (and I don't care - I've never been one for sub-cultures), but it's where I keep my role-playing game nonsense and a few comic book and comic strip collections I enjoy, as well as my grandfather's chair, a map of the heraldry of Scotland (Scottish, English and Welsh on my mother's side, German and English on my father's), a few prints from Jeff Dee's kickstarters (Morgan Ironwolf became the source of a husband-wife grudge match not seen since the Old Man got his major award), a globe I got for Christmas when I was a wee lad, a coonskin cap from Disneyland and an old sailing ship that used to grace the old Curtis Mathis in my childhood home.

I guess the funny thing is, I rarely work or write in my study these days, preferring to use my laptop out in the family room with, you guessed it, the family. My study is now primarily where I exercise - the treadmill is just to right of the lamp, and I have a pair of dumbbells and a kettle bell just out of sight by the chair.

Okay - back to work. I have quarterly reports to concoct, an issue of NOD to complete and a NOD Companion to work on.


  1. Amen on the ManCave... I hate that term.

  2. Forget the man cave. It implies men are still knuckle-dragging buffoons incapable of using their imagination to create worlds, nay entire universes! I like my Nerdatorium, the anti-man cave http://realmwright.blogspot.com/2012/12/neo-nerdatorium.html


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