Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Classes - The Download

Image copyright WotC, used w/o permission
Hey folks - quick post today. I wanted to share the link to the groovy little Excel document that Arjen Lissenberg created based on my random class creator idea. Thanks to Arjen for the hard work!

Click HERE for the document. Assuming you have the random value generator thingy operational, you just press F9 to generate class after class (or NPC after NPC, as the case may be).

To prove its immense value, I present three unique NPC's generated with the sheet.

Sabre LeClerq
Sabre's base class is rogue. He can wear up to studded leather armor and wield a buckler, and use medium and light melee weapons, light crossbows, short bows and thrown weapons. He has decipher codes and swimming as a class skill, can cast spells as a magic-user up to 3rd level and can turn elementals as a cleric turns undead.

Jasmine X
Jasmine is a scholar who knows how to operate in armor up to a breastplate, and can use bucklers. She can use the same weapons as Sabre, can cast spells as a druid up to 3rd level, can cast spells as a sorcerer, can speak with all living creatures and she has a psychic power.

Rugor the Red
Rugor is also a rogue who can wear up to ring mail. He can use shield and buckler and fight with light melee weapons, light crossbows, short bows and thrown weapons. Rugor has the Great Fortitude feat, has escape bonds as a class skill and knows how to cast a single 1st level ranger spell each day and a single 0-level cleric spell per day.

I can imagine each of these three making for an interesting henchman for a PC.


  1. This is pretty cool. You might be on to something...

  2. Thanks, those tables just screamed for an automatic treatment. I'm thinking of doing a character creation sheet, maybe a treasure and random encounter one too if time permits. The other random skill-based character creation rules should be easy to do too.


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