Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fiendish Flora: Portal Plant [Monster]

Huge plant, Neutral (N), Non-intelligent; Solitary (1)

HD 4 (20)
AC 15
ATK 1 bite (1d6 + swallow whole)
MV 0
SV F10 R17 W14 (F3 R8 W5)
XP 400 (CL 5) (2000)

Portal plants are carnivorous plants that slightly resemble pitcher plants. To most folks, they appear as thick (6 inches in diameter) vines topped by large, bulbous structures that can open and close like a great maw. Portal plants are usually found in tropical woodlands.

What most folks do not see and do not know is that the plant you see is actually part of a much larger network of plants, connected by a monstrously huge root system. The plant one sees has 4 hit dice in combat, while the entire colony of plants has 20. It is possible to destroy one of the plant's "heads" while not destroying the plant as a whole. This colony can cover 1 square mile.

When a person is bitten by the plant and swallowed whole, they are teleported into another of the plant's pitchers, up to 1 mile away. From this plant, the person is disgorged onto the ground and ignored, the colony having stolen 1d4 points of intelligence from the victim (this is damage, not drain). The magical plants draw nourishment from this psychic vampirism.

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