Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monster of the Day: Snag-Beast [Blood and Treasure]

Huge Aberration, Neutral (N), Low Intelligence, Solitary

Hit Dice: 10
Armor Class: 20
Attacks: 6 tentacles (1d8 + constrict) and bite (1d6 + swallow whole)
Move: 5 (Burrow 20)
Save: F7 R11 W9
XP: 1,000 (CL 11)

A snag usually refers to a dead tree that still stands. Snag-beasts are aberrations that merely resemble snags. The creature is actually octupus- or squid-like, its tentacles resembling roots, and its long, beak-like maw resembling a scraggly, dead tree. The creature burrows into the forest floor, its beak sticking out of the ground and its tentacles spreading out around it like thick, dead surface roots.

When a sentient creature approaches, the monster's tentacles swing into action, grabbing prey and raising them to its beak to be bitten, chewed and swallowed into the monster's underground body.

Because snag-beasts resemble dead trees, they surprise on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6. The monster can only bite a victim it has dropped into its mouth with a tentacle. Once a victim is being constricted, the snag-beast can use its tentacle attack to raise the victim and bite it.

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