Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fiendish Flora: Virginal Creeper [Monster]

Large plant, Neutral (N), Non-intelligent; Cluster (1d6)

HD 4
AC 13
ATK 1d6 spines per person within 10 feet (1d3 + poison*)
MV 0
SV F10 R17 W14
XP 400 (CL 5)

Virginal creeper is named for the virgin goddess of the hunt, due to its unique form of defense. The creeper is composed of thick green vines that grow from a central, woody core. Each of these vines is covered with thin, greenish-yellow leaves and large, white flowers. Within each flower there are several needle-like spines.

The plant appears to detect people by a sort of tremorsense that extends to 30 feet. Within 10 feet, it begins to rustle and launches its spines, throwing 1d6 spines each round at each target that approaches within 10 feet. These spines are coated in poison that acts as a major adrenaline rush to those who fail a Fortitude saving throw. Each round, the person struck by the poison enjoys a cumulative +1 bonus to strength, up to a +3 bonus, but also suffers 1d4 points of damage as their heart is driven to bursting.

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