Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fiendish Flora: Prism Plant [Monster]

Medium plant, Neutral (N), Non-intelligent; Patch (1d6)

HD 2
AC 14
ATK 6 vines (1d4)
MV 0
SV F12 R18 W15
XP 200 (CL 3)

Prism plants are desert vines. The vines grow to about 7 feet in length and are about 1 inch in diameter. They are dark green in color, but are covered in dark tan needles that give the vines a shaggy appearance. The vines produce a sticky sap that forms crystalline "icicles" in the sand.

The vines usually hug the ground, but when it detects the presence of creatures within 30 feet via vibrations the vines rear up, exposing the crystalline sap-cicles to the light (well, at least in the daytime) and creating an prismatic effect that forces all within 30 feet of the plant to pass a Will save vs. the color spray spell. The plant can also attack with its spiny vines.

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