Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NOD 21 Hits the Shelves (Electronically Speaking)

I have a few interesting posts a’brewing, but while I’m scratching those out please indulge me this commercial message …

NOD 21 – Finally On Sale!

NOD 21 rolls into town just in time for Halloween with a dozen new spooky monsters, the Damnable Sea hex crawl, random party events, an easy system for randomized overland travel in games, a way to use combat to resolve non-combat tasks, a quartet of automaton races based on Greek myths, and a review of Jeffries' After London. 64 pages. $3.99 cheap!

I'll have the print copy up for sale as soon as I see a copy to make sure all is copacetic.

I’m currently finishing up the NOD Companion for Blood & Treasure – a compilation of classes and races from the pages of NOD, updated to Blood & Treasure rules, plus a few extra bits – an old fashioned psionic system, 0-level play for B&T, a few new heroic tasks, a proficiency system for weapons, skills and even spells (well, spell specialization) and the secret history of NOD!

Okay - back to writing. I've got scads of fey coming, a random "why hast thou forsaken me" table, the demi-god class (trust me) and a few other things on the way.

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