Friday, October 4, 2013

Two New Kickstarters For Your Perusal

I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again - I get a few requests from people to share their projects and products on Land of Nod. Since I like to throw support to people who like games, I like to acquiesce. Today, we have a couple new Kickstarters you might find interesting.


From Erica Lee Warren, I hear of a game convention in South Bend, Indiana (way better than North Bend in my opinion) folks are trying to get off the ground. The convention has a Kickstarter you might want to check out. From Erica:

"River-Con is going to be a one day convention in the heart of Downtown South Bend. We have a great space at the Century Center and they are also giving us a great price. We plan on growing larger every year eventually taking up the whole of the convention center. Any help you can give in this endeavor would be most welcome. Here is our Kickstarter link again."

Click HERE or above to check it out.


Remember the Choose Your Own Adventures and Endless Quest Books. Well, Dave Morris informs me of Critical IF, a new gamebook imprint from Fabled Lands Publishing.

I remember loving these sorts of books as a kid and a teen, so you might want to give the Kickstarter for them a look-see HERE.


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  2. Thanks for the mention. The Critical IF books (on sale now on Amazon, ahem) actually have nothing at all to do with the Way of the Tiger Kickstarter, but the WOTT gamebooks were written by friends of mine so I'm glad to support a plug for them :-)

  3. River-Con just reached $2002--glad there'll be another convention starting up.


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