Friday, August 28, 2015

Dimensional String Theory

Via Wikipedia
Long-time fantasy gamers get the idea of "planes". Each plane is its own reality, and it connects in some fashion with other planes, and they're mostly just where high level characters go to kill things and steal their stuff. Simple enough.

How about we swap out planes for strings.

[Disclaimer - I don't know anything about actual string theory. I'm just stealing a term because it sounds cool and kind of fits this conception of planes and dimensions in fantasy games]

No, the elemental plane of fire won't look like a tightrope - it will still be an endless reality of fire and efreet. But it will functionally be a string, as will all the other planes. Dozens of planes, as strings, crisscrossing the multiverse and, at certain points, touching.

At a planar nexus, the reality of two planes (or more) are combined, forming a little pocket dimension (perhaps a planet) that combines the aspects of the planes that are connected. So you might have a plane that combines Elemental Fire with Chaotic Good, or a plane that combines Shadow with Water. Maybe the Astral Plane is where all these strings are located - and maybe when traversing that plane you can accidentally hit a string and find yourself in another plane. The Ethereal is just the blurry edges of the vibrating Material Plane, and can be a passage to these "nexus points" that interact with the Material Plane.

Maybe the Material Plane is just a nexus point between all the different planes of reality?


  1. Interesting. Maybe you could construct it like a spiderweb? Say the elemental planes emanate out from the Material, and then surrounding them are the outer planes. That would bring up the issue of crossing elemental planes though

    1. I'm thinking no rhyme or reason, no structure - just lots of strings that intersect in weird ways.

      In old AD&D they had the para-elemental planes, which were just mixes of the main elemental planes. I think the Plane of Ooze was between Earth & Water - that sort of thing.

  2. I'll make it easy. Strings tie off alternate possibilities: that alternate possibility might be an alternate reality, it might be 1+1=red, given all life is the same life at superposition, that string might be separating you from the kid next door because at superposition you are both the same organism. It might be separating today from last week, or here from there.

    In Dungeons and Dragons terms gate, teleport, and dimension door might be considered telekinisis (specific) spells used to manipulate strings to travel short or long distance or interplanar. Likewise that first teleport spell could have been created by a superpositional organism to feed off unsuspecting idiots using teleport...and its a matter of time before something eats elminster.


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