Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Blowhard [New Monster]

What happens when you mix one of these ...

With one of these ...

Large Aberration; Chaotic (CE); Super Intelligence; Solitary

Hit Dice: 9
Armor Class: 18
Attacks: Bite (2d6) and one blow tube (see below)
Movement: Fly 30
Saves: F10 R11 W6
XP: 900 (CL 10)

Pipers look like great bloated sacks of flesh, bristling with eight blow tubes and possessed of three sinister eyes circling a gaping maw filled with sharp teeth. The monster is little more than a stomach and brain (and an evil brain at that). It haunts deep caverns and shadowy dimensions, preying on adventurers and other monsters. Pipers levitate naturally, and move by flight. They can speak (some might detect a Scottish brogue), and can communicate telepathically with other aberrations within 1 mile.

The piper has eight blow tubes sticking from its body that it uses to emit sounds. Some of these sounds are shrill and piercing, others are deep and resounding. All of them have magical effects when they are used, as follows:

1) Sound Burst - As the spell. Sounds like the blaring of a fog horn.

2) Sonic Ray - As the energy ray spell, using sonic energy. Sounds like a high pitched shriek.

3) Dancing - As irresistible dance spell. Sounds like an Irish jig.

4) Shatter - As the spell, except that it affects a 30' radius area around the monster. Sounds like an opera singer hitting a super high note.

5) Silence - As the spell, except it affects a 30' radius area around the monster. Sounds like ... silence.

6) Confusion - As the spell, except it affects a 10' radius area around the monster. Sounds like the screaming of a madman.

7) Blasphemy - As the spell. Sounds like the cackle of demons.

8) Discord - As the spell song of discord. Sounds like a cacophony of voices and instruments.

9) Hold - As the spell hold monster. Sounds like a quick blast of trumpets, followed by the trill of flutes while the affected creature remains held.

Special Qualities: Magic resistance 5%, immune to poison

Of course, you could also present the monster as something like this handsome fellow:

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