Saturday, August 22, 2015


Sometimes, a stupid idea pops into my head, and I think it over - how can I do this? Yesterday, an RPG based on Mystery Science Theater 3000 popped into my head. How could you do that? And then it hit me ...

... every game of D&D I ever played was MST3K the RPG.

After all, what is MST3K but three guys making fun of a movie. Every game I've ever played in is a group of people both playing the game and making a running funny (well, sometimes funny) commentary on the game we were playing. How do we turn "making fun of each other" into a game? Rules!

Rule #1 - The DM is the audience

Rule #2 - When the DM laughs, the player who made it happen earns XP

Smirk ... 10 XP

Snicker ... 100 XP

Guffaw ... 250 XP

Belly Laugh ... 500 XP

ROFL ... 750 XP

Releases a beverage from mouth or nose ... 2,500 XP

Players can also earn 1,000 XP for singing an impromptu song about something in the game and getting applause from at least 60% of the people at the table

Players use the fighter's XP level advancement table. Players get the following special abilities:

Level 1 ... nothing

Level 2 ... gets most comfortable seat at the table, if highest level player

Level 3 ... can make the lowest level player fetch them a snack or drink, once per session

Level 4 ... can add a bit of narrative that benefits his or her character in a small way (once per character life)

Level 5 ... can re-roll a failed dice roll (once per character life)

Level 6 ... can make the DM re-roll a successful dice roll (once per session)

Level 7 ... player is immune to fire (trust me)

Level 8 ... can add a bit of narrative that benefits his or her character in a big way (once per character life)

Level 9 ... player gets the right to build a stronghold out of couch cushions and pillows and must be referred to as Lord or Lady by the other players


  1. In theory I like it, but it only works if your players are all roughly equally funny. You might just be rewarding "that one funny guy" all the time or, worse, the players who aren't that funny will keep trying to be funny to get the same rewards.

  2. At level seven, do you buy the player an asbestos suit?


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