Friday, September 25, 2015

New Spell - New Monster - New Class

Just a few things that popped into my head lately ...


Alter Voice
Level: Magic-user 0
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

This spell permits you to alter your voice, mimicking another voice you have heard perfectly. It does not enable you to speak another language, of course. The spell also alters your inner voice, permitting you to fool creatures through the medium of telepathy.

(I've watch lots of old movies and TV shows, in which characters have an uncanny ability to duplicate other character's voices, especially over the phone)


Zoophytic Mangler
Size/Type: Medium Elemental
Hit Dice: 6
Armor Class: 17 [+1]
Attack: 2 slams (1d8)
Movement: 20
Saves: F10 R12 W12
Alignment: Neutral (N)
Intelligence: Non-
No. Appearing: 1
XP: 600 (CL 18)

A zoophytic mangler is an quasi-elemental creature raised from the sea floor by aquatic mages who have learned the spell. The creature is composed of a core of dead coral. Its exterior is covered with hundreds of beautiful, flower-like living corals. These corals exude a poisonous mist that surrounds the monster to a radius of 20'. Any creature breathing this mist must pass a Fortitude save at -2 or be affected as per Poison III. Those who do save are still sickened, and remain sickened for 1 hour after they leave the monster's presence. This mist works in the open air and underwater.

(Just read a story about a venomous coral that has sickened quite a few folks)


Knight of Flowers

I drew this!
Knights of flowers are a variation on the paladin class. It is only open to halflings, gnomes and other small fey folk. A knight of flowers differs from the paladin as follows:

They must be good in alignment, but can be lawful good (the Rose Order), neutral good (the Lily Order) or chaotic good (the Daffodil Order).

They are skilled in nature lore and flower arranging, rather than riding

Can detect poison at will, instead of evil

Learns to turn plant creatures and evil fey, instead of undead

Instead of a gaining a special warhorse, they gain the ability to draw special abilities from wreaths of different flowers. The wreath must be woven by a maiden, dryad or nymph, and the magical potency of the flowers lasts for one adventure. The knight of flowers can only wear one wreath at a time:

  +1 to hit Evil -- chestnut

  +1 to Charisma tasks -- dahlia, daisy, dandelion, plum blossom

  +1 to Fortitude saves -- ivy

  +1 to Intelligence tasks -- cherry blossom, lilac, pansy

  +1 to Strength tasks -- laurel

  +1 to Will saves -- gladiolus

  +1 to melee damage -- fennel, oak leaf

  +2 to save vs. disease and poison -- lily

   1 re-roll (d20) per day -- gardenia

  Animal Friendship (1/day) -- magnolia

  Bane (1/day) -- lobelia

  Calm Emotions (1/day) -- bullrush, olive

  Charm Monster (1/day) -- orchid

  Charm Person (1/day) -- amaranth, carnation, jasmine, chrysanthemum, coriander, honeysuckle, tulip

  Color Spray (1/day) -- iris

  Command (1/day) -- heliotrope, thistle

  Crushing Despair (1/day) -- yellow rose, rue

  Cure Light Wounds (1/day) -- Eglantine rose, lotus

  Daze (1/day) -- wormwood

  Detect Magic (1/day) -- witch-hazel

  Disrupt Undead (1/day) -- cypress

  Fool's Gold (1/day) -- buttercup

  Good Hope (1/day) -- delphinium, peony

  Hold Person (1/day -- mistletoe

  Inflict Light Wounds (1/day) -- marigold

  Light (1/day) -- sunflower

  Magic Weapon (1/day) -- red rose

  Protection from Evil (1/day) -- baby's breath

  Protection from Normal Missiles (1/day) -- heather

  Ray of Frost (1/day) -- hydrangea

  Silence (1/day) -- white rose

  Sleep (1/day) -- poppy

  Speak with Dead (1/day) -- asphodel

  Surprised on d8 -- begonia

  Tongues (1/day) -- balm

Can neutralize poison instead of curing disease

Casts spells from the druid spell list, instead of the paladin list

Otherwise, they have the paladin's special abilities

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