Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOD 10 Goes Live!

NOD 10 - the August issue - is finally live. The Mutant Trucker article was holding things up, but since I had enough material without it, I'm pushing it back to next issue and getting this show on the road. Here's the description ...

NOD is rounding out Summer with the remainder of the Mu-Pan hex crawl begun in issue 8. It also presents the Leech, a new playable class, randomized chimerae, two new races for PARS FORTUNA, two new Demon Lords and a continuation of Phantastes. 80 pages. 

E-Book (PDF) is up for sale at $3.50. I'll get the print book up once I get my proof copy. You can visit my Lulu shop HERE.

Hopefully, I'll get a more entertaining and useful post up later today.

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