Sunday, June 15, 2014

Monsters on Parade (Yeah, Another Monster Tome Preview)

I know - been a little while since the last one. But I'm still editing, and I think I can get this bad boy published within the next 30 days. I hope. Anyhow, here's J through M ...

Melting Man illustration by Andrew Shields
Jabberling (CL 2)
Jenglot (CL 5)
Jiang Shi (Hopping Vampire) (CL 5)
Jinnati (CL 5)
Jolly Roger (CL 3)
Kamaitachi (CL 5)
Kelp Mummy (Template)
Kelp Mummy - Kraken (CL 22)
Lady in Grey (CL 7)
Lamashtu (CL 7)
Lightning Bird (Impundulu) (CL 7)
Lout (CL 1)
Melting Man (CL 4)
Metal Monster, Tiny (CL 1)
Metal Monster, Small (CL 2)
Metal Monster, Medium (CL 3)
Metal Monster, Large (CL 5)
Metal Monster - Advanced (CL 11)
Metal Monster - Keeper of the Cones (CL 13)
Metal Monster - Metal Emperor (CL 13)
Metal Monster - Prophet (CL 6)
Mist Monster (CL 13)
Monkey Folk (CL 1)
Moon Folk (CL 5)
Mothman, Lesser (CL 6)
Mothman, Greater (CL 12)
Mottled Documentarian (CL 8)


  1. I am eagerly awaiting this one! I can't wait to throw even more things at my hapless party

    1. I'm with Christopher! Really looking forward to this!


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