Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Monsters Keep Coming!

Today, the monsters from E to H ...

Gemini illustration by Andrew Walter
Edimmu (CL 5)
Electric Head (CL 3)
Eloko (CL 4)
Exquisite Corpse (CL 12)
Fire Freak (CL 4)
Fly Man (CL 5)
Flying Head (Kanontsistontie) (CL 10)
Flying Monkey (CL 2)
Forlorn Grey (CL 9)
Fox Fairy (CL 2)
Full-Throated Screamer (CL 7)
Gemini (CL 5)
Geometron - Battle-Prism (CL 6)
Geometron - Death-Cube (CL 4)
Geometron - Hell-Sphere (CL 5)
Golem, Leaf (CL 11)
Gorger (CL 9)
Grim (CL 7)
Hag, Granny (CL 5)
Haunted Armor - Haunted Jazzeraint (CL 5)
Haunted Armor - Haunted Maile (CL 7)
Haunted Armor - Haunted O-Yoroi (CL 8)
Haunted Armor - Haunted Gothic Plate (CL 10)
Headless Horseman (CL 9)
Hideous Hurler (CL 5)
Holy Bones (CL 12)

Also - Bloody Basic - Classic Edition is now up for sale at as a PDF for $4.99 if you want to check it out.


  1. When is this due to be released? : )

  2. Like Bill said...when and I'll add how much?

  3. I'm tickled pink I'm listed as an editor in the BB-CE book!


  4. When? Probably in a month, maybe less. How much? Honestly don't know until I get it assembled and uploaded into Lulu. It will be about 176 pages.


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