Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two New Reviews - Coming Right at You

I have a couple books to review and share with all of you out in blog land -  Mad Monks of Kwantoom by Kabuki Kaiser, and No Country For Weak Men by Anders Hedenbj√∂rk Lager.

Mad Monks of Kwantoom is a Labyrinth Lord -compatible sourcebook for Asian-themed adventures. From the intro:

"Are you looking for an Oriental Adventure Companion compatible with whatever system you fancy for your Old School Gaming campaign? A Chinese-style monster manual with a twist? A tome collecting a hundred brand new mundane magic items? An Asian-themed urban setting? A game aid to help you fill in the gaps when improvising? An endless campaign that you can play solo or with your family and friends without a DM? Good, because you'll find all this gathered together in one nifty package right here."

There's quite a lot to be had in the book's 229 pages, including an Asian setting, new classes and races and, most impressively, a DM-less adventure generator for those who would like to bash heads and gather baubles without the benefit of a referee. Honestly, there's too much here for me to comment on all of it, but it is a wonderful gaming resource and I think well worth the price. Find it HERE on

No Country for Weak Men is a free adventure done for Blood & Treasure (but of course, adaptable to other old school systems), Anders' first. Appropriate for a band of 3rd to 4th level characters, it is set in the frozen north (or I suppose frozen south if you'd prefer). No Country For Weak Men is a traditional dungeon to explore and, hopefully, plunder. From the book:

"Long before the Northmen came, a cruel and proud people lived here. They were the descendants of the Elder People (Fey Elves). Just like the Fey Elves, they performed great magical experiments, consorted and even interbred with powers from Beyond the Veil. And like the Fey Elves, these experiments eventually brought their doom. In a last attempt to evade fate, the High King weaved a spell to ensure his return once the Stars Were Right. Once revived, he would start to rebuild his realm. Unfortunately, the magics only worked in part. That is what happens when taking hints from Demons. Instead of coming back to life, the High King and his people return as insane undead horrors - the Draugr."

This looks like a good one - a good old-fashioned dungeon romp against the undead. The dungeon is relatively short - 15 locations - so it could be a great gap-filler for a party making its way through a cold, northern land, or could be used to introduce the northlands to adventurers if a map or other Macguffin was inserted into the dungeon. Check it out HERE.

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