Thursday, October 22, 2015


I have three new (or recent) releases to bring to your kind attention.
Before I talk about them, though, HERE'S A LINK to those Bloody Basic printable character sheets I mentioned (including Weird Fantasy edition), with background color removed.

NOD 27

This issue of NOD features:

* Gloriana's Blessed Isle, Part 2 - The continuation of the Ulflandia hex crawl that started in NOD 26 - this one covers a little of the island, the Bragart Hills, the southern portion of the Klarkash Mountains and a wee bit of the Wyvern Coast ... a real cross roads. Features some groovy art by Denis McCarthy

* d20 Mecha I: The Classes - The first part of a three part article on adapting d20-based games for giant robot adventures - by my good friend and mecha-aficionado Luke DeGraw. Part 2 will cover equipment, and in Part 3 we're going to collaborate on simplified rules for the mecha themselves, using some of the rules I've developed for GRIT & VIGOR.

* The Nodian Bestiary - Featuring 10 new monsters

* Strength: A Primer - Exploring the strength ability score

* The Muscleman - A new class that puts strength to the test ... yeah, he can bite through chains and throw halflings ... nice art by NOD regular Jon Kaufman

* You Pull the Lever and ... - Ideas for lever-based traps and tricks ... with more from Kaufman

* Racial Variations: Earth - Elemental twists on the classic fantasy races ... and a third Kaufman piece

* Plan 9 from Outer Space: The RPG - A Quick & Easy minigame for Halloween ... I'm super excited about this silly thing

* The Grey Planet Beckons - The negative-energy planet Pluto for the Nodian cosmos

$4.99 for the e-book ... print edition coming soon 


I know some folks have been waiting for this one. The Weird Fantasy Edition rules are inspired by the wondrous prose and poetry of Clark Ashton Smith and Lord Dunsany and the art of such luminaries as Aubrey Beardsley and Sidney Sime. It include rules for the races, classes, spells and monsters of weird fantasy tales. Ever wanted to play a grotesque puissant? Now's your chance.

This one was briefly in the Top 10 hottest titles on rpgnow ... pretty cool!

$4.99 for the e-book ... print edition coming soon


Can you survive the mean streets of New York City in the 1970's? Muggers, psychos, junkies, sewer-gators, street punks, and gangsters! Oh My!

Deviant Decade is a quick and easy game to learn and play. All you need is a few friends, some pencils and paper, a few ordinary dice and this book ... leisure suits are optional.

$2.99 for the e-book (no stagflation here) ... print edition coming soon

For sale now at both Lulu and Drive Thru / Rpgnow


Well, I think that's enough productivity for the moment. I'm working on Black Death (coming along nicely - and a little more meat than past Quick & Easy games - I think Swords & Sandals will need a revision next year) and NOD 28 (exploring the northern Land of Og in this one) now, and I'm determined to get GRIT & VIGOR released by the end of the year.

Then I can focus on the revisions of BLOOD & TREASURE, MYSTERY MEN!, SPACE PRINCESS and PARS FORTUNA. I've already commissioned new cover art for B&T!!! Super excited.


  1. "BLOODY BASIC - WEIRD FANTASY EDITION" is pretty amaze-balls.

    Oh, and thanks for continuing my editing credit. Undeserved, in this situation, but appreciated nonetheless!

    1. Thanks - and each edition builds off the first, so I think the credit is still deserved.

  2. A few small editing gaffes:

    The third level cantrap Pirion's Spatial Transposition doesn't actually list a range that I can determine.

    In the Wondrous Items table (page 43), the Robe of Stars has no dice roll assigned to it.

    Minor things, and nothing a decent referee can't work around.

    1. Alas! For the spell's range, do 1 mile per magus level. For the robe, it should be "77", the robe of scintillating colors "76". I'll make the corrections and get a new PDF uploaded to and Lulu as soon as I get a chance - probably tomorrow.

  3. I know I've already praised your book, but honestly--I just re-read the Weird Fantasy edition from cover to cover and it's, thus far, my *favorite* version of the d20 based RPG yet.

    It simply oozes that CAS/Dunsany/Dying Earth-era Vance vibe I enjoy so very much.

    Exceptionally well done, in a long history of exceptional gaming ideas, sir.

  4. Is HCC #8 still somewhere in the pipeline?

    1. You'd have to ask Frog God Games about that. I delivered 8 and 9 to them quite a long time ago (a couple years). I kind of doubt they're going to produce any more of them, so I might do it myself before long.

  5. I devoured Bloody Basic Weird Fantasy edition shortly after downloading it today. It was an enjoyable read and could definitely see myself using it for a campaign.

    1. Thanks! Of all the ones I've written, I was the most worried about this, about whether it was "weird fantasy" enough. I know how many big fans CAS and other have out there, and wanted to do right by them.

    2. You probably could have gone even "more weirder-er".

    3. Yeah, but I still wanted it to be recognizably D&D ... I mean Bloody Basic. The idea is to take the basic idea and massage it a little, rather than create an entirely different game. Hopefully, it's got enough of the weird fantasy vibe to make it fun.

  6. A revision of B&T? Will it be just errata and some clarifications or, in effect, a new edition altogether? Maybe an expansion (more classes/feats/what have you)? Including some of the Bloody Basic stuff?

    1. It should just be errata, clarifications and some new covers.


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