Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dark Lord of the Sith for Mystery Men!

I'm finally finished editing NOD 7 and should have it up for sale tomorrow. To celebrate, I figured I'd take a crack of statting up the villain that loomed largest in my pre-teen years ...

Darth Vader
Adventurer Lvl 10

STR 10 | DEX 12 | CON 4 | INT 5 | WIL 6 | CHA 3
HP 75 | DC 20 | SPD 2 | XP 15,000 (70,000)

Powers: Catfall [P], Force Hand II [L], Haste [S], Jump [L], Mind Fog [L], Mind Reading [L], Precognition [L], Shield [P], Suggestion I [L], Super Dexterity (+6) [P], Telekinesis [P]

Gear: Lightsaber (sword + energy blade power and potent weapon), light armor (super strength +6), helm with respirator, black cloak

And since he's right there in that image above, I might as well stat out the dark lord of Latveria as well.

Doctor Doom
Scientist Lvl 8, Sorcerer Lvl 8*

STR 14 | DEX 3 | CON 3 | INT 18 | WIL 5 | CHA 5
HP 43 | DC 25 | SPD 2 | XP 22,600 (70,000 XP)

Powers: Super Intelligence (+12) [P]

Armor Powers: Armor [P], Energy Ray (Electricity) [L], Force Missiles [P], Shield [P], Super Strength (+12) [P]

Sorcery Pool: 10,000 XP

Science Pool: 15,000 XP

Gear: Heavy armor (invested with several powers – see above), green hooded cloak

* Multi-classing isn't baked into the MM! rules, but I figured they made sense with Victor. Essentially, I just split the XP remaining after powers between the two classes


Darth Vader versus Doctor Doom by Jim Califiore (TM Marvel Comics & LucasFilm Ltd.)

Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/geek-to-me/2010/07/fantasy-face-off-darth-vader-vs-superman.html#ixzz1E5u54TX7

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  1. Now that you have the stats... who would win in a fight? ;)


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