Friday, February 4, 2011

Medieval City

I don't know whether you would term this a city or a town - probably a town. Either way, I found this map and wanted to share it. Had I more artistic ability (and I might go to the trouble of investing time into learning) the city maps in NOD would look like this - much more evocative than simple line maps.

The image was found at the Apollonia-Arsuf Archaeological Project from Tel Aviv University. It's a reconstruction of a crusader city, and you can find more descriptive text at the link.

So, enjoy the map - Deviant Friday will follow in a few hours.


  1. I've always liked bird's-eye style maps.

  2. I don't know whether you would term this a city or a town

    Depends on the era, but my guess would actually be a city -- well in Medieval terms not in D&D terms. Outside of Kievan Russia and the Northern Italian states, cities in Europe were tiny.

    Now in D&D, that's totally a town. We are not bound by Medieval history (says the Medievalist).

  3. Nice - thanks for sharing. This image and the bird's eye one in MacCaulay's Castle book might make some good custom brushes in the GIMP or PS.


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