Saturday, February 12, 2011

NOD 7 Cover - Reader Choice

Two nice pieces of medieval art to choose from, though to be honest, I don't this one is much of a contest ...

Vote in the comments - Demons vs. Cityscape.

NOD 7 should be out February 14th - and if there's somebody in your life who would actually want it for Valentine's Day, you are probably a lucky gamer.

Contents should include ...

Antigoon, City of the Sun
Blackpoort, City of Thieves
Lyonesse, the Gleaming City
Cyclopeans - new race/class for PARS FORTUNA + a mini-dungeon
Dress for Success - hygiene and costume in fantasy games
Order of the Flowery Skull - a religious order of bardic knights and their patron, St. Valentinus
Pandaemonium - two demon princes for your edification and enjoyment
Phantastes - another chapter or two

I'm thinking it will be in the neighborhood of 80 pages


  1. I'll go against type and vote for the cityscape.

    Although the cat-like (yellow) demon intrigues me...

  2. I have to say as much as I like the demons, the cityscape is more thematically appropriate so I vote for that as well.

  3. My vote is to go with the cityscape and keep the demons for a later issue.

  4. They are both good choices. The city image alludes to the cities you will be detailing in the coming issue (yea! by the way), and the other one has a striking color scheme and alludes to us gamers pledging our souls to Lucifer, I mean uh... I gotta go.

    I think you have your cover for Nod 8 no matter which one is used for this issue though.

  5. Murphy's Law of DM-ing - no matter how certain you are about what your players will do - they will zig when you expect them to zag. I almost didn't bother with doing this - certainly everyone will like the demon picture - look at the color, the action, etc. This is why I loved DM'ing and interacting with people on the internet - you just never know.

    Oh, and yeah, the cover to NOD 8 is already set, but it's not the demons. I'll preview that cover at some point after NOD 7 is published.

  6. See, I was right! you have your cover for 8 :)

    I should have phrased it like jgbrowning, whatever you don't pick is a good candidate for a cover on a future issue.

  7. The demons rock, and I love how vibrant it is, but with two cities in the issue, gotta' vote for Cyityscape.

  8. Oh yeah - the demons will appear on a future issue for sure.

  9. Cityscape. With three cities in there, it's more thematically appropriate, although I admit that the other one would represent Pandaemonium.

  10. Both great covers: Demons is my favorite but I have to go with CITYSCAPE for this issue and saving Demons for an appropriately themed future issue.

  11. The demons are cooler, but the cityscape matches the content better.

  12. Agree with Trey.

    And that is a classy city shot.

  13. I have to agree with Trey and others. Demons is a nice painting but Cityscape is more appropriate.

  14. C'mon guys ! I vote for demons for they have different colors, just like dragons in D&D : here you have a red demon (fire demon ?), a black one (does he spits poison ?), a blue one (electric demon ?). Thats' a cool image that reminds me of old AD&D book. Remember ? The image of a paladin descending to Hell and figthing devilish hordes. I was a kid and I thought : "Wow ! That's what I want to be"... Totaly cool



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