Monday, February 28, 2011

King of the Sea

For those who haven't heard of Project Rooftop, it's a nifty website where artists post redesigns for superheroes. I'll admit that about 9 times out of 10 I prefer the original design for the hero - hey, there's a reason I play old school rpg's, have a house filled with old furniture and an iPod filled with old radio shows - my tastes usually run toward the retro. Nonetheless, I love seeing artists being creative and having fun with this sort of thing.

The latest contest at PR involves redesigning Aquaman. I figured I'd post the winning redesign along with some MM! stats of the venerable sea king.

Aquaman and the JLA are, of course, the property of DC Comics and these stats are not an attempt by me to challenge their copyright or trademark or in any way infringe on their rights.


Other Business

I'm going to try to post the next step in Megacrawl 3000 later today, and tomorrow the February sales report. I'm embarking on the Mu-Pan hexcrawl that will appear in either NOD 8 or NOD 9 (and beyond), so some more fantasy-related material should be showing up on the blog soon. Right now, I'm waiting on my print copy of Ruins & Ronin to arrive, because the rules for the Mu-Pan hexcrawl will be based on that excellent game.

I'm about 75% finished with my third Hexcrawl Classic for the Frog God - the first HCC should be in print soon and the second about two months later. I'm about 50% finished with the other big project for the Frog God. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about it yet, but I suppose people who check out the Frog God website and put one and one together can probably figure out what I'm doing for them.

With a successful MM! playtest out of the way, I think that project is about 90% complete. I still need to write up the sample setting and adventure (based on the playtest, with a few changes) and maybe finalize some editing, add some monsters, do the layout, etc. I think I can probably have it ready to go by late April. I still need to send out a the promised premium to the sponsors, and plan to put that together sometime this week. Playtester Crystal Franklin game me a great idea for some heroes that need to be statted up, and I've got a few more off-the-wall ideas along those lines as well, so more to come. Maybe I'll stage a few fights as well - Herculoids vs. Fantastic Four could be fun.

Final note - PARS FORTUNA officially became profitable last week, to the tune of $0.98. Since then, I sold another copy, so my profits now run over $1.50. Super value menu, here I come!

Busy busy busy, and I feel blessed for it. Have fun on the internet!


  1. One of those PARS FORTUNA order last week was most likely mine! The order has shipped and I am greedily awaiting its arrival.

    Also, I will happily trade my promised premium for backing MM! for a finished printed copy + PDF.

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with Ruins & Ronin. Now I know who ordered the latest hard copy. :)

  3. Matthew - Well, the PDF of MM! will be free and you'll be able to get the hard copy at the same price I do - there will no mark-up.

    Mike - I can't wait to see what I do with it either - hopefully my hex crawl will do it justice, and will send some more customers your way.


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