Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Coming of the Alpha Cetaceans

When paleontologists unearthed the giant skull from the alkaline soil of central Nevada, they at first believed they had found the skull of a prehistoric whale, for the famous deserts of Nevada were once covered by a shallow sea. Little did they imagine they had found the proof that Earth had been visited long ago by a race of giant aliens, or that they were due for a re-visitation.

The Alpha Cetaceans come from a massive, damp, wooded planet in the Alpha Ceti system. They stand roughly 40 feet tall and have a thick, stocky build. Their skulls are topped by a massive bone crest that acts as an “aerial” for their psychic powers. For millions of years the highly advanced Alpha Cetaceans have roamed the universe as self-appointed chroniclers of history and arbiters of the fitness for survival. When they visited Nevada 250 million years ago, they found the primitive life forms remarkable for their variety and entered into their logs a notation of the likelihood of intelligent life that might one day rival them evolving. This, of course, necessitated a scheduled re-visit for a possible extinction event. Among the Alpha Cetaceans was one scholar Leiru, who attempted to destroy the expedition that life on Earth might progress unmolested. For this, she was killed by her fellows and left to rot under the shallow sea.

When exploring, the Alpha Cetaceans wear suits of battle armor in vibrant colors (blues, yellows, purple, greens) that reflect their heritage and scholarly achievements. Besides their psychic powers, they are armed with massive energy lances.

LVL 8 | PH 10 | MN 12 | DC 16 | SPD 2 | XP 10000
ATK Energy Lance (3d6, 100’ range) or slam (2d6)
POW Analyze, Command, Commune, Locate, Read Minds, Sending, Telekinesis
GEAR Heavy Armor (Levitate, Shield), Energy Lance (Energy Bolt)

Image depicts a blue whale skull turned on end. From an image roundup at Super Punch.


  1. I like it. :)

    And that is a humungous skull!

  2. As soon as I saw the skull, I knew I had to do something with it.

  3. I for one would like to welcome our cetacean overlords.

  4. A most beautiful post. As an archaeologist I was immediately won over by the mention of "the alkaline soil of central Nevada". But Alpha Cetaceans is brilliant!

  5. As a gardener in Nevada (southern, to be exact) I know the alkaline soil all too well.


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