Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mu-Pan - Encounter XIX

No posting tomorrow - out of town (in an airplane that hopefully will maintain its roof integrity for the entire flight). Here's a couple more encounters from the Mu-Pan map. I'm still working on the next Megacrawl episode - sorry for the delay. More Mu-Pan monsters, comic book characters, a sample chapter from the MM! book (so you can get an idea of what it's going to look like) and the Gods of Mu-Pan on the way. Busy busy. Have fun on the internet.

2032. Three leprous zombies (HD 2; bite causes disease) are chained to a large stone post carved to look like a column of koi. One zombie has an ivory pin (worth 40 gp) stuck through its left temple. This pen, when put to paper, causes the person's memories or current thoughts to pour onto the page as though a watercolor painting.

2045. A trader, Kaith by name, sits by the side of the road nursing a wounded leg. He was attacked by a wild cat two days back, and now has a bad infection and a fever. If he sees people coming, he struggles to his feet and grabs his cloak, warning people to stay away. If they continue to approach, he raises the edges of his cloak like wings and a swarm of twelve giant bats (HD 4) emerges from the unnatural darkness within. As they emerge, he becomes noticeably paler and falls to the ground. The magic cloak summons the bats, but inflicts 1d12 points of damage when it does so - the damage sustained by Kaith is enough to knock him unconscious.

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