Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mu-Pan - Encounter XX

Another glimpse into Mu-Pan - tomorrow, Megacrawl 3000.

2202. The central three miles of this hex, running from north to south, is occupied by a massive wall. The wall is 15 feet side and 30 feet tall, with a 40 foot tall tower every 100 yards. The wall is constructed of ebony, semi-glossy stones and appears to have been constructed a millennium ago by the ophidians. Stairs leading up to the wall are located on the west face of the wall, and the east face shows signs of salt encrustation and heavy weathering, as though by the sea. Although not manned by any soldiers, the wall is sometimes used as a hideout by bandits. Many charred and shattered sections speak to attacks from armies on the wall. Each tower has a 1 in 20 chance of being home to a CL 1d4+1 monster.

CL | Possible Monster
2 | Aka-name, centipedes (giant), kaeru-ningen, nezumi-oni, zombies
3 | Banshee, bugbears, ghouls, lizard samurai, mogura-jin, yellow mold
4 | Bakemono-toro, ogres, ragged craws, tesso, tsurube-otoshi, wererats
5 | Doppelganger, grey ooze, jiki-niku-gaki, shamshir, spider (giant), wights

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