Saturday, May 28, 2011

1d8 Cockatrices

Image from Blood & Treasure by Jon Kaufman

Maybe it's the pain killers I've been taking since I had a wisdom tooth was pulled, but here are a collection of goofy variations on the venerable cockatrice. When one of the killer chickens shows up as a random monster, roll 1d8 and replace him with one of his cousins.

1. Cock'a'leeky - wounds from its bite do not heal, save with the application of a cure light wounds spell and holy water. Each successful bite attacks deals 1 point of damage per hour until healed.

2. Cock Robbin' - a cockatrice that can back stab for double damage, move silently and hide in shadows as a 5th level thief. Has a black mask marking on its face.

3. Cockatrice Rex - a cockatrice the size of a tyrannosaurus rex (essentially a t-rex with a petrifying bite).

4. Cockatwice - two headed cockatrice with two bite attacks.

5. Cock'n'Bull - like a chimera, except with the head of a gorgon and a cockatrice (use gorgon stats with an extra bite from the cockatrice head).

6. Peacockatrice - its colorful feathers hypnotize (save or stunned for 1d4 rounds).

7. Poppycock - has a bright red plume, its bite causes a deathless sleep (save or permanent sleep, can be defeated with a remove curse spell).

8. Weathercockatrice - belches a killer fog (cloudkill) in place of the petrifying bite.

Of course, wise adventurers will remember to bring their cockatrice spaniel, a hunting dog immune to the creature's petrifying bite.


  1. Brilliant! Though I'm not sure I get the last one...

  2. Oh, no I meant the weathercockatrice...

  3. Ah - well, a weathercock is the same thing as a weathervane. Puns on words including "cock" that aren't profane are hard to find.

  4. Cock'a'doodle - breath weapon leaves horrifying, disfiguring tattoos on victim.

  5. Or maybe the bite injects tattoo ink, and multiple bites leave strange designs on the victim?

  6. Great post! Will use some of these... Thanks!


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