Friday, May 6, 2011

Superheroes from the Inkwell

To begin with - Inkwell Ideas, the creation of Joe Wetzel, is awesome. Period. Hexographer and the Coat of Arms Designer are my best friends when it comes to writing NOD and Hex Crawl Classics, and I need to delve more deeply into his Dungeonographer.

He also has a keen superhero generator as well as a superhero sketcher. So, being a random kind of guy who happens to be writing a superhero game, I played around a bit, generated a completely random superhero and then used to sketcher to bring him to life. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Powersource.

As a top Shore City University research scientist about to run out of funding, Richard Beam was desperate for a breakthrough. His genetic modification experiment had worked on hamsters, cats and dogs, but not on chimps. He believed, however, that that wouldn't be an issue on humans because humans didn't have the same complications as chimpanzees. So the man who would become Powersource became the experiment's first and only human subject. Unfortunately, the experiment skewed Powersource's worldview and now he sometimes fights for what is right and sometimes sees what is right differently than most folks.

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