Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best D-n-D Movie Ever?

Watched a D-n-D movie this weekend. Three fighters (or a fighter, barbarian and monk, if you’re more Advanced), a thief and a magic-user head out into the wilderness, tackle a wizard’s keep, delve into a forgotten temple and wind up the session by killing a demon. The chaotic thief steals a jewel and backstabs a guy on a horse, the magic-user casts find person, knock and maybe eyebite, the fighting-men kill lots of cultists, men-at-arms and the aforementioned wizard and demon – pretty good game, all in all.

So here’s my question – did D-n-D influence Conan the Destroyer? Was Roy Thomas playing the game back in the day? Or is it just two things influenced by the same material?

Using a 1-12 range for levels, one of the old 3E arrays for ability scores and the boon from HERE, I'm thinking stats would be something like this ...


Side note - how cruel is it that blogging is one of the great tools ever to come about for role-playing games, and yet the one character in blogging that screws up your posts time after time is the freaking ampersand, the queen mother of RPG characters.


  1. Conan was statted in the back of TSR's 1984 CB1 module (if not also elsewhere). I dug it out to compare... Here's how David Cook has him:

    Fighter 13 / Thief 7 ; Str 18 (90), Int 14, Wis 10, Dex 18, Con 18, Cha 17. HP 100

    Special: Only surprised on a 1 in 8

    Thought you might find of interest! I love that silly movie.

  2. Conan is a great D&D movie. I keep meaning to show it to my newer players for some inspiration.
    I reckon Akiro is a druid or cleric though. He does cast raise dead in the previous movie, after all, and his spells tend to be of the supporting rather than ass-kicking variety.

  3. Int 9 seemed a bit low, but recalling this is the movie Conan, that might be about right.

  4. Brian - Good point on Akiro - cleric or druid might be better. If there's any part of D&D that doesn't align well with movies and books, it's the magic.

    Trey - Yeah, I was using the 15-14-13-12-10-8 array, and then moved a few points around for Conan. If you're just assigning stats, and especially if you're using the written Conan, Intelligence would probably go higher.

  5. I still remember seeing this in the theater back in High School and my friend Erik noting that Conan made his bend bars/lift gates roll at one point...


  7. Yes, very D&D-ish. A fun movie, not great Conan but fun fantasy. I enjoy it for what it is.

  8. How about instead of D&D influencing Conan you go back further and say that Conan influenced D&D?

    Robert E Howard was writing Conan stories long before D&D was ever published. Sword & Sorcery as a fantasy genre has been around forever, and D&D owes much more to the sword & sorcery genre of fantasy than it does to Tolkien and his imitators.

  9. John - Absolutely. It just seemed like some of the specific tropes of D&D appeared in this movie - mostly the thief stuff. But, at its heart, REH is surely one of the grandfathers of the game.

  10. Grace Jones is awesome. Can you see Tyra Banks doing that?

    Also, secretly she is Seal.
    She remote-controls David Bowie and Brian Eno from her undersea torture-garage.
    Grace Jones is the reason for D&D.

    1. We can all stop commenting on blogs now, because richard just posted the best comment ever.


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